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Never drop your pick into your acoustic guitar again!
Guitar sound hole web

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Free glow in the dark guitar pick,
in every Guitar-Spider pack.

Stanley George Landis,
was awarded US Patent No. 9-646 581  B2  for Guitar-Spider_TM

How Guitar-Spider was designed

After dropping my guitar pick into the sound hole of guitar one to many times, I decided to make a device to prevent this ever from happening again. 

I designed a prototype was changed over the years and I was awarded a US Utility Patent for my invention. 

This will end your frustration from dropping your guitar pick into the body of your guitar. Because my invention looks like a spider web on a guitar sound hole I came up with the trademark name.  I am offering in my online store t-shirts with the Guitar-Spider logo and also our logo on guitar picks. Please enjoy and your guitar playing be as great as you want it to be.

The Guitar-Spider will make novice and intermediate guitar players happy as they won’t have to do the …

“get-that-pick-out-guitar-dance” … anymore.
Also Pros can get a kick out of it and put it on their guitar too.​

Acoustic Guitar Accessories